What makes Home & Away Care different?


What makes Home & Away Care different?

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Providing Dementia Friendly Services

What makes Home & Away Care different?

Home & Away Care is managed by a skilled team which includes experienced Medical and Nursing professionals.

All our Carers are up skilled to provide High Quality (Advanced) HomeCare as standard and can monitor your vital signs and note the early symptoms of illness, helping to facilitate earlier treatment and recovery.

We provide skilled Home Nursing Care in addition to High Quality (Advanced) HomeCare. We will partnership with your GP, Pharmacist, Public Health Nurse and Physiotherapist and support them in their care of you.

Uniquely, we can go with you to hospital and provide you with Support Care while there and help minimise the stress of hospitalisation.

We provide High Quality (Advanced) HomeCare at a similar cost to others who provide basic HomeCare. Our charges depend on the level of care required and we can advise you of this following the assessment of your needs.

We provide a fair wage and more to all our Carers and Nurses including a comprehensive annual health check up and a contribution to private Health Insurance.

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