Transition Care - Support care during your stayin hospital


Transition Care - Support care during your stay in hospital

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Providing Dementia Friendly Services

Transition Care – Personal Care in Hospital

Because your needs go with you.

Home & Away Care also provide support care during your stay in hospital and help minimise stress while away from home. On your return home our specialist Nurses are available to provide Hospital Care in the home and support your early recovery, rehabilitation and return to independence .

Uniquely and if necessary, we can bring hospital care to your Home and Personal Support to your hospital bedside should you require a period of hospitalisation- where as a member of your Care Family we will assist and support you and facilitate your safe transition from Home to Hospital to Home. Importantly, we can partner with your GP and all other members of your care team to facilitate you remaining at home and help prevent hospitalization during an illness-if such a course is safe for you.

We will also ensure that you are confident that your discharge from hospital will be successful.

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